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In short I'm a writer and Dominatrix specializing in Erotic Hypnosis. I'm also a nude model and soon to be mom. I'm a urban shaman of sorts and a teacher as well. I’ve decided to start doing more with my blog. I’m a journalist after all.
The content you will find here, is often sexual or new agey or geeky. Please be warned!

Click the links to jump to a special section of this blog. This is my personal blog and website but I aim at providing content beyond which slave bought me what or lunch with ladies! Please enjoy my blog with an open mind and do comment. I love fan mail!

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Living In Sin- Sex advice from your rock n’ roll poet. Send your questions to
The Dream Collective- Paranormal and Fantastical fiction from yours truly.
Peral Corset- Erotic Fiction from who else? Me! (Not for kiddlets!)
Culture Shock- Reviews and Culture bites.
Mindful Magick- Magickal living for an awesome experience.
Mommyhood-Some Mommy stuff that doesn't fit in my earthmother section, may be double posts. Be friends with the naughtiest mommy on the web!

AngelSpit Archive-Lola's fan fictions.

Part of my home on the web. Where you can read things, buy things, and learn and laugh!

Check out my private (and free!) collection @ Pink Shoe Diaries
I run Lotus Love Toys which makes it a female run sex toy shop. You can buy online shipping is discreet and absolutely safe. Plus, I give awesome discounts and Love Lotus Love!

Hypnosis MP3s

Welcome to Lola’s Audio Haven. Here are some of her erotic recordings, just for you! You can find erotic hypnosis mp3s. New every month or so. To really know what exactly Mistress Lola Batling is up to you should join Cult of Batling It’s not really a cult, just a newsletter.

Want to know what’s hip in porn? Read Lo’s reviews. A woman of many talents and totally wicked. Fetishland

Enjoy my audio fresh from the trance garden. Please feel free to leave comments or email me I love the feedback.

If you are looking for amateur hypno porn try:

It’s a great site. Really hot…

Check this out:

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Fetish Bot
Erotic Hypnosis:

You must be a Niteflirt Member to purchase. It’s free! Not only can you buy my recordings but you can talk to me and thousands of other ladies!
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Trance Garden

Quicki-Pixi-See if you can resist my one command. In 5 minutes, I will own you! Makes my photos even better. Become addicted.$7.00

Snap, Crackle, Pop Instant Trance-Highly Experimental Instant Trance inducing trigger! I use my new toys. My metronome and some handy white noise to give you an instant trigger to trance you will soon forget! $2.50
Slave for Me, this simple hypnosis induction allows you to fall under my spell $5

Cocoon Yourself, this mp3 has a sexy silky theme which will only make you fall deeper for Me. STRONG STUFF$10

$ugar Daddy for Me, a simple little hypnosis quickie that will lead you down the path to complete servitude. $7.

Rubber Doll-Want to feel like a rubber dolly? Be a rubber doll girl. Have tits today. $5

Cuck/Chastity- Take my cuckold challenge! Divine mental chastity. See how long you can take it. $8

Heiress Energy Vampire- Your eyes lock across the club. An erotic supernatural fantasy. Incorporating fantasy elements and lovely city sounds. It’s loops. I also tried an a crackle to bring you deeper.$8

The Sissifying Costume- I dress you up like Marilyn Monroe and make my permanent girlfriend. I don’t care if you like it. $10.

Cherry Blossom Meditative Hypnosis- A special kind of relaxing hypnosis. Not Erotic but still really strong. Also known as the mini mental vacation to Japan.$5.

Cuck Challenge #2- Part of my cuckold series. Deepening your need for chastity and of course me! Hope you enjoy 7 minutes in heaven. $6.

Yes Man- Deep Hypnosis. This is designed to turn you into my puppet and make you a loyal pet. 6 minutes where I hack into your subconscious. $8.

Hypnotic Sex- Lola helps you fuck the girl of your dreams. Almost for real. $10

Hypnotica#1 (Cock Tease) Even Lola got frustrated during this one! A female hypnotist ensnared a young girl to do her bidding. Ultimate cock tease partial hypnotic blow job. Because I don’t finish you off. $7

Want a live phone session now? Click the button! $1.99/min No taboos hypnosis &BDSM

Check out all of my content you can buy through Nite Flirt here!

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  1. February 15, 2009 10:55 pm

    Your blog is very interesting, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

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