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Book Review: Tokyo Bound By Sachi

November 23, 2007

Hot oil* slicks ahead and watch out for ninja attacks.

Need a hot and truly decadent read? Here it is.
Taking place in an upscale host’s club, this book is delicious. The Excalibur is a place that the rich and bored women of Japan can come and play with some very sexually talented Gaijin. Men that even make me stand up and take notice. The lucky bored housewives aren’t bad themselves, definitely Tokyo’s hottest.

The main attraction at the Excalibur is James Burke, an English born Chi Master. He excels in the pleasure giving arts which attracts less than desirable attention.

The wicked hearted Ishido of the Scorpion Clan is out to learn the secret, no matter what the cost.
The story is compelling, well written and plenty hot.
Coupled with with an ultra hot tattoo scene, this book is amazing. It even had Japan’s oldest legend make an appearance.

*Repetitively used to describe Cum

Rating: 4 1/2 Bats

get Tokyo Bound

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