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Loves to Work?

March 9, 2008

We’ve resolved things with WaMu in our favor!! Yay. But Our landlord doesn’t seem to always get our rent which is weird, not to mention….awkward. I know we’re sending it, but where is it going?
I’m hoping he (that’s mystic sounding) gets an extension, and I get the book. I could really use the cash right now.
I’m 10 pages in already.

I’m sorta restructuring, I’ll be clearing out my Etsy in April. To restock with new scents and bottle sizes, new zines and maybe even some jewelry!!
I’m also working on my own literary projects, which is..interesting to say the least. Right now, I’m working two phone jobs and the writing.

…I may fall apart, or become Hughesian. On the plus side Vegas next weekend bitches…

I’m thinking about making a separate LJ for my fan fiction what do you guys think?

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