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Dream Collective: Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss

October 18, 2008

This is an excerpt from my novel,

  • Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss
  • White, the room was so white it reminded her a little bit of Brightvale. Luther was going for the memory invoking shock to Angel’s system, she hoped it wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do. Xenia immediately plopped down on one of the beds and started bouncing. Angel did the same thing giggling. In the back of her mind Angel hoped that Luther was just toying with her.

    The clock on the desk read 1 A.M., only six hours until Lillie would come and be able to rescue them both, Angel hoped she had it in her.
    Luther grew bored rather quickly of watching them he politely excused himself to go to the bar.
    “You girls can order a movie if you’d like.” He smiled at them as he put on his cowboy hat and got ready to leave. Angel felt relived, well as relived as anyone in this situation could feel.
    Xenia poured over the selection of movies and Angel laid back on the bed thinking.
    “He’s going to order two Whiskey Sours and then go out to his car and bring in his tools. The only question is which tools did he bring?” Xenia was lying next to her swinging her feet back and forth off the edge of the bed.

    “This is all for you Angel” His words rang out echoing in her brain as the mixed with Xenia’s screams. Luther moved the blade with a certain air of delicacy he eagerly watched as the blood welled up. Angel couldn’t hear him, there was a loud buzz in her ears and the sound of distant screams. Her head was hazy and she tried to stand and fell backwards again.

    “Get away from her now!” Angel’s voice sounded like a growling lioness, slowly calculatedly, she stepped forward. Xenia’s glassy eyes watched her she was horrified. Angel walked up to the bed kneeling in the crimson pool. Slowly she kissed Xenia’s lips they tasted of salt and cherry lip-gloss. Luther was intrigued he had never seen Angel act like this. Angel was quick in using the display to free Xenia’s arms, rolling off onto her back. Xenia dashed for the door, unlocking it and running into the hall. Luther’s gray eyes looked over his daughter dressed like a slut and her lips smeared with gloss.
    “You whore!” He yelled slapping her hard, the pain was almost blinding. He spit on her thigh. Angel sat up quickly pressing her legs together, as got to her feet she became aware of Xenia’s blood smeared on her body.
    “Come on old man.” Angel taunted him as she reached for a pocket knife, revealing the four inch blade. Luther laughed it off. “Angel I expected better than that.”
    “I’ll surprise the hell out of you, I promise.” Angel grinned.

    To get the whole story, buy the book. On Lulu Support my literary ambitions.

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