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Clearing Negativity Spell

October 31, 2008

By Lola Batling

This is a little spell I wrote. it’s simple, perfect for the apartment dwelling witch like me. Do it when you need a fresh start or move in. Maybe after some unwanted roommates move out..


2-6 Glasses of Water
Sage Smudge


-Fill the glasses and place around your space by doors, windows, or wherever there is an entryway.

-Light the sage smudge, extinguish the flame so that the embers remain and the smudge still smokes.


-With the smoking smudge, move through your place, making sure to wave smoke near the entryways. Stand in the room you spend most of your time and spiral the smoke to fill the space.

-While doing so, chant the following:

“Bless the space
where this witch dwells
bless the house and all who live
so only positive remains and give
So mote it be”

-After extinguishing the smudge, dispose of the water outside away from your home, or simply flush after 24 hours.

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