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Fashionable Friday: The Bio

October 31, 2008

While this isn’t exactly fashion. It is important to every up and coming “It Girl” The Bio. It’s your story. Usually short and epic. Now, because we live in an age where the truth is manufactured, most bios aren’t always truthful. To quote Eddie Izzard, who I believe was quoting Shakesphere. “It matters not what a man does with his life but, the legend that grows up around him.”

So, if you were to write your bio to be posted on the internet, and published so everyone would know the life you lead what would you say?

Here’s an early bio I wrote,Circa 2004. I’ll do a new one this next week and post it next Friday. If any of you submit your It Girl/Boy bio you’ll get a prize worth $50!

Send your entries to Subject It’s my bio. If you win I’ll put your bio in my zine Cupcake Revolutions with a full interview.
Deadline is November 20th!

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