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The Dream Collective: Yoshie’s Tale (Part One)

November 1, 2008

I held tighter to my father’s hand as we walked through the shopping district of Riyuu. All around me people were yelling trying to get the best prices for everything. The people looking to buy at reduced costs were none too happy. My father Captain Teague chuckled it off.

Normally I would to, except today was the saddest day of my whole life. Today was the day I was leaving my father and my home aboard his ship, to fulfill my promise to my mother and become geisha. In my heart I wanted to be geisha more than anything, I just didn’t feel right leaving my father or his crew alone on The Storm’s Gamble without me. That ship was my home.

“A piece for your thoughts my Yoshie girl.” My father said pulling me into outdoor benches. I sat down slowly, my father knelt in front of me looking into my eyes.
“I just don’t want to leave.” I spoke quietly trying to keep the fear out of my eyes.
“Ah, my lovely, don’t you want to be a geisha?” He sounded jovial as he winked at me.
“Well then could you imagine Old Regar or Smithee teaching you?”
While I could picture them flouncing around in silky robes trying to teach manners, The thought was unbelievably funny. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“That’s it love.” My father kissed my cheeks pressing a coin into my hand.

We stood again and continued walking towards my future home. My father seemed deep in thought. So, I was happy to do the same. My thoughts wandered back to my life long friend Tuomas aboard my father’s ship. I would miss him almost as much. With his hair that not only looked like fine spun Chocolate but oddly enough smelled like it too. The way he was forever including me in his schemes and mischief.
“Your mother was the most beautiful geisha in all of Tiann. No, she was the beautiful woman in all of Mernac. What she saw in me I’ll never know.” My father spoke suddenly.
“You are quite stunning to you know.” I said kissing his hand.
“Still she gave up a life of glamor and ease to become a pirate’s wife.” He sighed heavily as he spoke.
It was my turn to stop him suddenly. He looked down at me his eyes were like a kind sea.
“Pirate Captain’s wife.” I said correcting him. He just laughed and pulled me on.

Soon We reached our destination. It was the most elegant building I had ever seen. I tugged my father’s arm.
“Is this a temple for Quont?” I asked in a hushed whisper.
“They don’t really worship Him here, no this is a Tea House. Young geisha live here, townspeople hold gatherings here.” My father spoke as if he knew these things, perhaps my mother told him.
We walked up the stairs slowly. I smiled and forced the happiness to radiate from my eyes. The creak of a rocking chair stopped us. I turned my head to look. She looked back at me. Her hair was upswept in geisha fashion but tied much too loose. She looked positively regal just sitting there, finally she spoke.
“Captain Teague and his daughter Yoshie, yes?” Her voice was soft and had an exotic hint of an accent.
“Yes, Matsamaru?” My father asked seeming just as stunned as I was.
“Please call me Mama Matsa, everyone around her does.” She stood as she spoke and made her way over to me. In response my father dropped my hand as though he never held it, I stiffened a little.
“Ah, the pink hair is it natural?” She asked taking a lock of my hair in between her fingers, twirling it slightly.
“Yes.” I said feeling mesmerized by her very touch.
“Ever since she was a baby, the black streaks were a spell gone awry.” My father said with a chuckle. Mama Matsa chuckled too.
“It’s definitely a rarity, now what of this ‘birth mark’ you spoke of?”
Here it was the moment which would ultimately ruin my life as a geisha and send me home to The Storm’s Gamble. Surely Tuomas would tease me for days about this.
Reluctantly I pulled down my jacket to reveal part of the pinkish wings outline on my shoulders. The looked like a cross between a faerie and a bat’s wings. I heard Mama Matsa gasp. I sighed adjusting my jacket.

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