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November 4, 2008

I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. I’m also a month behind on rent. So I thought “Hey I could set up a donation page and split the donations with the NaNoWriMo programs”

Now, I know you have it in your hearts to donate $10. Especially since you’ll get an e-book of my finished novel! Donate here!

I know I know this isn’t NaNo Approved but I will split I’m not scamming. I just need help too. Like real bad. I’m a month behind on rent with no phone…and I need help fast. I’ve tried everything I can actually do to find extra work, I actually can’t bail myself out on this one.

So, have a heart.
Novels will be sent via email in December. Call it a pre-order if you will.

2049 words down…

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