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Musical Monday: Venetian Princess

November 24, 2008

Welcome back Musical Monday! I’ve missed writing you. NaNoWriMo takes over my body once a year. On top of the GiR I’ve got growing in me I’m happy I’m not babbling to myself in a corner. I digress this feature is all about Venetian Princess. She’s got a hugely popular YouTube channel, which I just found!
I’m glad I did unlike so many things on YouTube, myself included, she’s actually funny. And in the words of my wise husband “She’s not bad to look at too.”
She’s a really talented performer who looks like she loves what she does! A “Weird Al” of the YouTube age for sure. She’s not just a YouTube celebrity. Oh no she started in movies at the age of 13 , that’s right, feel bad cause all you were doing was playing with Pogs! She’s been in several musicals and that continues to this day. She doesn’t just do parodies of celebrities, she has done a new series featuring other YouTubers called Cirque de Mystère. It’s a fabulous murder mystery. I’m not just saying that because it’s set in my favorite era the 1940’s.
Hats off to this brilliant girl who provides the web with some of the most commented on content ever. I look forward to keeping my eye on this Princess..
Her “Womanizer” parody..

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