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Shut Up

November 24, 2008

I realize I’ve been baby crazy lately. But, this is a huge thing for me like mega. I wasn’t really planning on seriously having kids. Sure I was planing on having a wife and husband, but not kids. It was a nice dream though.

The dream is real, and I’m really happy.

I’m still slaving away at making changes to my upcoming novel Beautiful Lies. The last chapter will be “Ballrooms of Mars” I’ve even enslaved Joe A.I. to do some of his editing magic. He’s really REALLY good too. Russel is helping but, he’s so busy with stuff it’s easier if we all work on it. It takes a community to raise a good book!!

Working on a quickie assignment for Wet Words and a magazine article too. I’m looking for rabid music fans to help me on a project seriously comment if you want in!!

I’m also doing Nano, although I’m terribly bad at keeping my word count updated. Mostly because as with most novels I’ve written, I write in pieces then glue them together with jam.

I don’t know why but the people in my building & neighborhood seem especially loud lately. So I wait until I’ve not heard anything for ages then every time I go to record a poem, hypnosis mp3 or whatever they seem to get loud again.

…More later

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