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Last Day!

December 1, 2008

Before the Xmas crunch is on! Amidst all your holiday shipping, don’t forget me. Anyone who gets me a gift(sign the card) gets a gift from me..
And you can choose:

A. A custom photo shoot with over 30 photos. Pick the theme you want most. Photos are hi-res and come as file (unless you ask for a CD)

B. A custom video, your theme, your fetish.All reasonable requests will be done. Clips will be sent via email.

C. A custom hypnosis mp3. Usually I don’t ever do these..but I will design and record a 10-20 minute long hypnotic adventure.

For Blog Readers only:
D. A signed copy of my book, mailed to you, along with a special surprise cracker…
E. A perfume trio of your choice.

All because you grant a holiday wish for me!
Look at my wishlist

My good boys will be sure not to miss out, I know.

Has anyone seen If not check it out!

I have two ads up right now. One for a custom video the other for some no taboos phone sex. So, it’s not just panties!

Oh and friend me and check out my ads!

Any NF cilents, readers, or fans who do get me a holiday gift also receive my warmest holiday wishes.

It’s also the last day for Pixie’s Rain & Sweet DeliaClick To Order

You know you want too

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