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Repost: Battle Cry… (No more fighting from within)

December 7, 2008

Anyone have some webdesign experience wanna make me a nice layout for my porn site/nf account? It’s the only thing I want for xmas…
So, they last few days, I’ve been debating leave the adult industry vs stay.
I’ve decided stay.

It’s been good to me, it allows me a ridiculous amount of free time to pursue my own devices. Take off when I need too. And I’ve gotten to do some really cool things because of my position.

Yes, I want to do other things, but really, they wouldn’t be affected by my being in porn. I don’t write kids books. I write things geared towards adults. I’m fairly indie and often publish myself so it’s not a hassle.
My spoken word is often sexual or angsty anyway…so..

If people don’t want to buy my perfume or other art because they find my site…I didn’t need their business anyway.

This being said, I believe “business” has been slow for me because I did a half assed pull out because I got scared. I got scared that’s all. I thought I wanted to clean up my act and go sell insurance…
Could you imagine?

So, I’m going all in…
Pulling my ass out of the ground and doing whatever it takes to find my stable ground and true happiness…

If you want to help, then help if not stay out of the way…the Diva is back.

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