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Musical Monday: The Perfect Road Trip Mix

December 9, 2008

As a music critic and amateur DJ, and general music lover, okay some would call me obsessive, I’m also making mixes. In high school I had whole entire notebooks devoted to play lists. I had shelves of mix tapes, yes I’m an elitist, CDs and MP3s are great, but give me a mix tape any day. Mix tapes aren’t just for giving to your sweetie on that oh so awkward gift giving holiday. You know the one that comes up right after you start dating. You can use a mix tape to set the mood for your much needed vacation.
The first thing anyone wanting to make a killer mix is pick a theme. Let’s say you are going on a road trip with your girlfriends. You would want to pick songs that are girl friendly.

Here’s my “Chick Trip” mix.
1. “Spice Up Your Life”- The Spice Girls
2. “Toxic” – Britney Spears
3. “U + UR Hand”- Pink
4. “The Na-Na Song”- Sheryl Crow
5. “No Sleep Tonight”- The Faders
6. “Go West”- Liz Phair

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Here’s some ideas to get you started on a cross country road trip.

1. “53rd and 3rd”- The Ramones
2. “Back In The New York Groove”- Ace Freehly
3. “Surfing Across The USA”- The Beach Boys
4. “Detroit Swing 66”- Gomez
5. “Union City Blues”- Blondie
6. “Allentown”- Billy Joel
7. “King of New Orleans”- Better Than Ezra

Again just a few ideas to get your own creative juices flowing. Theme your own mixes for where ever you happen to be going. Now let’s say you’re really lucky and you get to go on trip around the world.

1. “Around The World”- Daft Punk
2. “Across The Universe”- The Beatles
3. “Mexican Radio”- Wall of Voodoo
4. “Games Without Frontiers”- Peter Gabriel
5. “99 Luft Balloons”- Neena
6. “Eyes Like Yours”- Shakira
7. “Happy Days”- Ai Ootsuka
8. “Where The Streets Have No Name”- U2

There’s millions of songs out there of course. So, go through your music library and find your own songs. A mix tape is as unique and personal as you.
Some tips for making a killer mix tape. Do not under any circumstances reuse an old tape. Tapes are cheap start fresh. Pick an appropriate length of tape, if you don’t have enough to fill a ninety minute tape get a sixty minute tape.
Creating a mix tape can also be a fun and exciting experience. So, if you are going on a road trip with friends involve them. Another option is have everyone make a mix and bring it along. It can be a fun bonding experience or something you can tease them about your whole vacation.

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