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The Global Money Spell

December 26, 2008

You will need:
-a green candle
– a bowl of water
– salt
-pen & paper

1. mix up some salt water (if you don’t live near an ocean)
2. Place the bowl on your altar and cast a circle.
3. Light the candle place in front of the bowl.
4. Focus as you write out a petition of assistance on the paper. (i.e. “I need rent this month”)
5. Toss coins into the bowl as you repeat the spell.

The Spell:

“I raise this power for everyone,
may we all reap the benefits.
By brightest light, and water’s might.
I ask for financial relief for us all.
Hear our joyus and united call.
I am rich in spirit, and I know it.
So mote it be.”

Read your petition, thank the (gods, goddesses, universe…etc.) uncast your circle and allow the candle to burn out.
Then place your petition and coins on your altar.

It’s simple I know but that’s the point.
You can carry a coin as a good luck charm if you wish. Also repeat “I am rich in spirit and I know it” whenever you feel in need..

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