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Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow

December 31, 2008

In a world of fiction being overrun with were-creatures and magic practitioners it’s nice to find one book that doesn’t involve the heroine’s search for love. Meet Jill, she’s a hunter of all things dark and scary. It’s comforting to know that in all of her badass glory she too gets a little insecure too. When a series of ultra violent killings start up in her city Jill is not a happy camper.

I like this book because it was gritty. It was like Philip Marlowe with Tits. There was plenty of “woe is me I miss this guy” girl stuff, but it’s kept to a minimum. The character was likeable, despite the sometimes wordiness of the inner monologues. This is exactly the kind of character the female based supernatural mystery/thriller genre has been missing.

With an engrossing story and interesting cast of characters, Saintcrow weaves a wonderful story. The characters aren’t unilaterally described as gorgeous and she manages to keep them interesting. With most beginnings of a series, there was a bit of background to work through, but once the foundation is set the story flows like a fine wine.

Also, the scenes of horrific nature aren’t described to a bloody, well defined, gore filled chapter of entrails and body parts. Saintcrow manages to make a bloody scene more palpable and cinematic.

I give this excellent story 3.5 bats out of 4. That poor half bat.

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