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Call Me….CVC

January 27, 2009

MSFG is Back
Jak Verbally abuses our listeners, it’s great to be back.

Enjoy us.

So, he’ll have 66 hours including working at NYC Comic Con. I suppose it’s a good thing but I’ll get lonely. Most likely I’ll work, probably lower rates…Mostly cause I love pissing OTHER operators off. I’m not demeaned and I USUALLY enjoy talking to my callers.

I have new photos to post.
…and a video of me “reviewing” Doc Johnson’s G-spot Tickler. Those will most likely be up soon.

I feel semi productive.
I was also reading Chuck Klosterman. I like reading music-y memoirs kinda things.I suppose that’s why I’m writing one. Kinda. More on that later.

I like Chuck Klosterman don’t think being a music critic is an art form. I think it’s a service form. People need other people’s opinions on music, and printed one’s MUST be more valid right?
Any Music Critic who takes themselves seriously needs to re-evaluate why they feel so elevated. There I said it. Hate me but it’s true. Remember opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. It’s your job as a music writer to have or be the funniest asshole.

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