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The Faces of Lola

February 6, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows I have many interests. I think it’s funny when people view me as one sided. It’s always the “sex girl” side. I do erotic hypnosis and I enjoy being naked on the internet. That’s not all I am. I’m a writer and witch. Those sides are the real me. The sex girl isn’t as interesting as the girl who writes fan fic or starts magazines. The sex girl isn’t as interesting as the witch who is trying to teach other witches and makes spell amulets. The sex girl is not the rabid aduiophile who will be posting mash ups soon. So, why the rant?

I’m not a bad person because I enjoy my phone sex hobby, because I don’t hide it.
I’m not a bad writer because I do a lot of unpaid work.
I’m not a bad witch because I want to start a spell & book shop.

I’m Lola Batling, a girl with a lust for life.
This is my personal blog and website but I aim at providing content beyond which slave bought me what or lunch with ladies!
I am a real person, and I do have real dreams and living my life by my own terms is one of them…
Someday, I may change again, but right now. My life is good. You readers can support that right?

I have some big plans for the weekend. Which involve mp3 making and possibly a photo shoot 🙂

I am so thankful for all the wonderful naughty times I get to have on NiteFlirt

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