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Jam Sessions

February 10, 2009

Creator: Ubisoft/Plato
System Reviewed on: Nintendo DS
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Reviewer Andrew Pfister had this to say about Jam Sessions: “There’s no “game” to speak of. Rather, Jam Sessions is part of the same software family as Electroplankton and Traxxpad — nifty little musical tools that, while short on bells and whistles, offer a fun diversion or a little flexibility to a home recording setup.”
Which is why I bought it in the first place…but that’s just me.

Everyone loves guitar. Most people want to learn it when they have time. Jam Sessions is a quick way to “learn” anywhere. It’s a cheaper alternative then spending bigger bucks on a guitar only to find out you absolutely can not play or worse still you hate the guitar all together.
Now, you can get that cool slacker vibe as you learn to play guitar with easily understandable lessons that really do translate over in real instrument play. You can also use “Free play” mode to noodle around with your own compositions.
Are you feeling like a rockstar yet?
No, Well how about this?
You can use Jam Sessions as a virtual recording studio. That’s right, you can write, play and save original music anytime. Granted that recording time is 30 seconds but, it’s enough to jog your memory later or use to make loops.
The easy to use tutorials and clean interface make this game easy and user friendly for the novice. (like me!)
Included in the game are 17 songs* you can actually learn to play on your own. Makes me wonder if they’re going to have downlodable songs in the future.

Lola’s Rating: 4 Bats

Buy Jam Sessions

*Hey get 3 bonus songs if you enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right in Free Play Mode

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