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February 15, 2009

Buffy never really impressed me. Angel kind of did, with it’s quirky Noir. Firefly or Serenity I never really got into.
Why am I telling you this?
These shows (and movie) were all created by Joss Wedon. Well on Friday the 13th, his newest creation hit the air waves.
The description found on is simple. “Eliza Dushku stars as a member of an illegal group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new personas.”
You may think you kind of heard that somewhere else. It is similar to Philip K. Dick’s short story, later terrible Ben Affleck movie, Paycheck.
Except here Wedon has taken it one step further. Instead of just memories being erased Echo’s (Dushku) entire personality everything she was is gone. It’s unclear why anyone would choose to do this as as lively hood. Perhaps that will become clearer as the series develops.
The first episode is as most first episodes do plopping us down in a world that’s perfect and leaving us with questions like the one above.
The series has great plot and potential. (Seriously Fox it does, but word of mouth sells telly not fancy ads so give it time.) I do however wonder if Joss Wedon sees himself as a nerd (like Andrew from Buffy) because we have a character almost exactly like Andrew even in his manner of speech. Who seems to be in charge of all the heavy science that makes Dollhouse work.
Oh, and it’s nice to see Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker back on tv. Maybe Joss works better with people he has worked with before, but it works. Dollhouse is smashing.
See it onFancast.

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