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Banana Pudding!

March 3, 2009

I’m really proud of this review. It actually made the band hate me. Cesium_137
My podcast host is back up and running smoothishly. Download episode *86 here Wow this post is link heavy! I’m eating snack pack banana pudding it’s quite good.

Here’s Stuff on my writing life! Enjoy! If you do decide to preorder, thank you, please comment ON THIS POST only. Use a valid email so I can send a paypal request!
Russel woke me up, I’m so sleepy but I’m also kinda sinus-y and sick. I also need to call the clinic again call number 25 if you’re counting.
Experimental cupcake batch number one went well enough. I’m not quite satisfied with the recipe just yet.

Saturn’s Bathroom is printed, just gotta do the paste up! I am mighty! It’s a chapbook and I’m thinking $4…

Get my other zines here Seriously, someone buy Cupcake Revelations so I can has money to print a new issue!

Get excited.
I’m doing custom Lux molskeine journals, ala Greg Ruka! Yup. I’m doing hand done journals with spells, recipes, and other goodies used by Lux. Lux is a medium and mermaid character I’ve created, and am writing a Series for. All spells will work, I’ve used them! Recipes are delicious. The ghost hunt notes will be very funny, not to mention all the the other goodies!

Comment if you wanna preorder.

Lux’s Black book Preorders are $15.

Saturn’s Bathroom Preorders are $2

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