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Hypnosis According To Lola (pt one)

March 27, 2009

Hypnosis is something I’m passionate about. It’s up there with writing and sex. I’m so passionate about it I’m planning on writing a doctoral thesis on it. I’m writing course material on it for a class I’m hoping to teach.
When a perspective client emailed me to ask if I could guarantee him hypnosis could turn him into a mindless slave, here’s what I said:
There are no guarantees ever in life and hypnosis is a part of life. Studies show 85% of the population can achieve a trance like state. Which leaves the rest untranced. Now, I believe this happens for two reasons.
1. The person wants it so bad that they sabotage the experience by worrying I’m not going to be hypnotized, or if they do start to let go, they begin to question if it’s happening. Instead of just being in the moment.
2. They just can not pay attention. I’ve had guys call with the TV on then get all pissy (often resulting in negative and often lying feedback, because they can’t admit they were wrong) when I ask them to turn it off.
I stand by it.
Honestly I believe that the number is closer to 95% of the population can be hypnotized but, that’s a personal finding.

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