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The 400th Post

April 4, 2009

It’s a very big day here for! My 400th post. As you can see I’ve done some retooling to my layout. Even got in cohoots with 4 really great porn sites. Check them out, well worth the dough. I’ve been through a lot in 400 posts. A terrible break up, a move to NYC, a wedding and coming soon a baby! I’ve also written two books, was a Southern Charms girl, and I’m on the verge of starting my own amateur site, which will have both pictures and written erotica.
The other day I was getting down on myself, because I thought I have been wasting my life. I thought I’m just a phone sex operator. Looking back now, I was wrong. Yes, I do Erotic Hypnosis and Domination by phone, but I’m not just that. I teach people about sex and paganism. Sure, it’s not linear to most people, and lots might be scared off by a sex blogger who reviews music. But, for those brave enough to see the whole girl and not just “oh a sex girl” or “oh a tree hugger” I hope you enjoy my site, add me to your blogrolls, interview me on your podcasts, tell your friends. Most of all, I hope you enjoy yourself and your time here.

I’m more the sum of my parts. And if Jenna Jameson can go from porn to writer to fashion, why not me too?

I suppose this post is a thank you to everyone who’s ever supported me, called me, sent a gift, gave me a smile or left a comment. Thank you for making me a part of your life. This post has been a look back a peek forward and a celebration of not just me but, everyone who uses the internet to make their voice heard!
Thank you!

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