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Collective Zen Bite

April 15, 2009

This is my zen bite page from Twiter it’s kinda daily. er at least a few times a week. Add my Twitters to get them. At request, I’ve made a “page”.

(Newest on top!)

Your bite sized Zen from La Batling:

-my advice? if Odin or any other deity is chasing you…RUN. Don’t email some blogger. Just run. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 just RUN
-If you’re famous and have a dangerous fetish hire a damn spotter.
– Jesus hates zombies but is a divine zombie himself.
-There are 3 kinds of Phoenix: The dead, the unheard of, and the kind that give up a promising acting career to become a hobo rapper.
– Sometimes Transit to nowhere is just what the universe ordered.
– Mr Bubble would sell better if it was Cindy Bubble.: Well stacked teen bubble icon.
– The Addams family movies were just one big let’s fuck with Christoper Lloyd fest..
-it’s funny we spend millions to look as good/ like celebrities and they end up looking like scary hobos.
– Cromartie High School is a state of mind.
– If the world is getting you down look for one thing you can change and do it. Mass change starts with you, not someone else.
– Sometimes life is just to be lived for the joy of it.

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