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Movie Review: After Sex

April 20, 2009

I’m a serial Netflix Instant abuser. I love being able to watch movies whenever I feel like it. It lets me watch movies I’d never see. Case in point After Sex. It’s a very funny movie about the conversations which take place after sex. From an older married couple to two virgins.
A very dialogue intensive movie, yet somehow, you don’t get bored with it. This movie is unlike any I’ve ever seen in that I actually believe the characters. You’ll find yourself commiserating with them and wondering what makes them tick.
After Sex also features two gay couples and an almost lesbian pair of college roommates. Mila Kunis does an excellent straight girl in denial routine, which I’ll be honest I didn’t think she’d be able to pull off. This movie also futures the debate of butch vs bitch which I’ve always found to be funny, like you go to register as gay, and they have you check this box?
This one’s worth watching 3 1/4 bats.
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