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Fear & Loathing of The Faithless

April 30, 2009

You may have noticed lately I’ve been reviewing video games and movies. I like movies, always have. Video games a recent one. But, I’m still considering going to school to design them. (I’m a geek, I like code)
But, as most of you know…

I’m a music girl. It’s my connection with the world at large. Lately, well lately I’ve lost faith. There are plenty of great bands out there. But, none of them to labels. Fewer get the radio play. Even Jak has realized this and he said so last night after seeing some fabulous bands at Trash Bar. (Sorry to Pony Girl & The Outsiders for missing your set, emergency. Been listening to your myspace stuff and it’s amazing.)
After much thought. I’ve decided this is why I haven’t written about music recently. I thought it was because I was compiling Saturn’s Bathroom but no. It’s not. It’s I’m lost. Music, the only thing I believe in has let me down. I need a musical miracle to bring me back home.
I need more than pretty girls with okay vocals and a great production team. I need more than “idols” which have come from nowhere. I need poetry. I need music that makes me feel something, anything.
I’ve decided the only way the fix this aural distaste is to go on a journey. I will scour myspace looking for the best examples of what I think music is and profile them here.
For myself and the other faithless ones.

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