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Fan Fiction- DCU – Kids (Part One)

May 7, 2009

Characters: Wonder Woman with References to Green Arrow
Rating: PG
Summary: A ficlet to test the waters for my own little elseworld. One in which Black Canary & Green Arrow have children, just not with each other.
Author’s Notes:Daniel & Olivia are mine. The rest is owned by the DCU

It was a beautiful just about an hour or two before true dark. The sun was just starting to paint the sky pinks and oranges. It was very peaceful. It was like moment of zen. Almost.
“But, Aunt Diana, I don’t see why you have to do this.” A strawberry blonde girl of about seventeen whined. She was the only girl Wonder Woman knew who was capable of scowling and whining all while never missing a bullseye.

“Olivia, your father doesn’t take training lightly, least of all yours.” Wonder Woman spoke softly but firmly to her young charge.
“My father is Green Arrow. Shouldn’t he be doing this?” Olivia spoke as she angled her next shot, pulling back gracefully and hitting her target.
Wonder Woman did her best to hide a look of hurt, but Olivia saw it. Carefully she put her bow down.
“I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just Daddy seems to have less and less time for me these days. I’m a bitter teenage orphan,” Olivia said putting her arm around her aunt. Wonder Woman looked at the young girl with her stunning green eyes and even more captivating smile. She couldn’t stay mad at that girl. Reminded her of someone else she knew.
“I’ll have you know I bested your father once.”
“I know, he still talks about it. You’d think after all these years he’d learn to let it go.” Olivia squeezed her aunt’s shoulder and sighed. This was her life, being babysat by members of the Justice League. Sure they were her family and they loved her like she loved them, but she just wanted her father to notice her.

A cell phone rang. Wonder Woman looked towards the ringing in surprise. Olivia fished it out of her pocket. “Your dime,” She said, ignoring her aunt’s disapproving look of her phone etiquette.
“Yeah. Okay, I’ll be there in twenty minutes, okay?” Olivia rolled her eyes as her aunt started packing up. Olivia mouthed a ‘thank you’ and headed for her room.
Once safely in her room. Olivia was a flurry of action loading up her purse.
“Well, no I’ll have no trouble getting out tonight, just meet me at the usual place,” Olivia said with a smirk as she hung up her phone.
Once Olivia was off, there was really no stopping her. In moments, she was off down the highway, heading for a club in the heart of Star City.

He stood in the shadows waiting to see her pull into the parking lot. They always met at the same place, though Olivia would never tell him why. He just chalked it up to something his dad had said once.
“Let a woman have her secrets.”
Of course, Daniel was pretty sure dad was referring to mom’s girly products at the time. Maybe now that he was older he understood the real meaning. His eyes followed Olivia’s car as it pulled up into the parking lot. It was a new one, he wondered if her dad had been upset about the last wreck. It was a safe bet he didn’t even notice. Then again Daniel was certain she wrecked her car to get a hybrid.

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