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Ever Notice?

May 9, 2009

How there’s nothing really real about The Real Housewives of (insert city here)? I mean they’re all overly rich women who are so spoiled they wouldn’t know how to actually do anything a ‘housewife’ does if their lives depended on it. Reality TV only furthers consumer culture teaching us that if we don’t have it all, we can’t possibly be happy.
The thing that really bothers me?
We fall right into it. The biggest problem I see about our economy is everyone’s afraid to spend money now. Instead of practicing sustainable spending over the last few years we’ve racked up major debts and now we can’t pay them! It’s the culture America has established. We the people have to have it right now. We have a right to botox and body altering elective surgery. As Americans we do not believe in long term goals, if you can’t fix it instantly it can not be fixed.

That’s how I see it.
Everyone who’s bitching Barack Obama hasn’t done anything, I’ll say this, shhh..the grown ups are talking.
It’s only been about 100 days, could you save the country in that short of time. If you said yes, I’d love to hear your brilliant plan.
Plus, he’s contending with eight years of damage. Give him time.
Our biggest fail as a nation?
We don’t make anything. We’re buyers now. You can only buy until you’re broke and we’re broke. War USED to be profitable for our nation because we made things and could sell them to other nations. We used to provide weapons for a nice sum.
Second Fail.
Well, see it’s all nice and good to give children in other countries laptops and educations for free. But, what about American kids? No! Let’s give them over crowded classrooms and teachers who are so overworked it’s not funny. Let’s teach them instead being ‘discovered’ is the way to success and that really they don’t even have to be a good at what they are famous for.

We don’t value what we have. We value what we want.

I may be a humble phone sex girl but, I know what I see. I’m seeing a country in need of restriction.
Over the next few months I’ll be documenting many aspects of my life. Including the hopefully solid launch of a multi pronged business, my adventures in motherhood, teaching, and of course sex!

Yes, I promise you. My reality.

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