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PreMommyhood (pt one)

May 12, 2009

I think this is the last pregnancy entry. Yay for those of you that are so over it right?

So my stellar clinic has lost or misplaced my chart. They think the last doctor to see me took it but they don’t know. To me that doesn’t make sense because:
– He’s not going to see me again unless my blood sugars skyrocket
– Wouldn’t he have told them?
– I had an appointment that friday.

I went in and it was nowhere to be found. Which means another useless day spent at the clinic, when I actually did have an appointment.

Gearing up for motherhood is, interesting. I’m totally unprepared but that’s okay. I’ve got Saturn’s Bathroom done..
and I’m going to be laying out Cupcake Revelations #4 (as opposed to my April Fools Joke Cupcake Revolutions #3)

I’m also still working on my essays. I’m trying very hard to stay positive in these last 9 days. But, also make sure my stuff is “in order” just in case.
I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll be like, how she’ll see the world.
How we’ll affect the world.

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