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Tripping Through

May 16, 2009

These last few days have been AMAZING. Firstly, the amount of email I have received. Thank you for all the well wishes and kind words. To clear up a common question. I am not quitting erotic hypnosis or any of my other sexual arts. I am however going to be on Nite Flirt sporadically, new bebe and all. There’s always my trance garden if you need a hypnosis fix.
Unlike other Dominas who quit to have families, I will not be this is who I am. I love the play of a good Ds relationship. Since Jak isn’t into it I must seek out companions who are. That’s just life, in it’s weird grand design.

Monetary gifts can be sent via here. And, they would be well used, trust me.

I am also going to be opening up this site to my metaphysical business and such soonish. I’m presenting a whole picture of myself here. Sex & Magick do go hand and hand. I hope you’ll enjoy watching me grow my brand & business.

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