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Rebooting The Dirty Geisha

May 27, 2009

Having a baby has given me amazing clarity. I know now that while I had part of the “big picture” to implement it I will have to plan better. Hypnosis is my fetish, the control gets me off. Being a seductress is what I’m good at. Really good.
I’m still a geek. A geek with a huge sex drive and huge tits. I’m smart and well spoken. Hell, I’ve read more books than my average slave had jerk off sessions. Doing my site has become a labor of love. I enjoy posing nude and taking sexy photos. What I really love is writing erotica. Actually I love writing, I always have. I’m a semi pro blogger and raging music journalist. I love music and seeing how it’s been going makes me more rage filled than a red lantern! See This post.

In the last week my life has changed. I have a beautiful baby girl and I’ve gotten some amazing feedback on my sex worker essay I posted in Pink Shoe Diaries. I feel better about continuing my plans and writing. I have a voice and people are listening to me. It’s up to me to be more organized about how I approach life. Instead of throwing a pebble in the water and hoping, I need to grab a fishing pole and actually try. Besides, I always feel better when I set goals and achieve them. So, here I go.

I’ll be posting new erotica and recording new hypnosis mp3s. Including some GREAT fantasy play. Hey, if you want to see me nakid you can by a lifetime membership to my site for $60. It beats the monthly cost 😉 For that you’ll be getting at least two photo sets a month and my prime erotica. At least 1-2 stories per month so, lots of content for my fans. Even better? A members only phone sex line that will only be .69 per minute!! Because, I just want to play…and I really love my fans! You can pay through NF, Get your log in now! The site is set to open on 6/21/09

Yay right?

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