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The Bitch is Back

June 2, 2009

Today was my first day back manning phones, and manhandling men! Great fun was had by all! Okay, so mostly me but, whatever right?
I’m still at the top of my game, Domination wise. Why? Because I’m not a dumb cunt housewife playing Princess like so many others on the web. I get aroused by BDSM. I participate in the lifestyle, it’s what I do. I’ve been doing it since I left high school.

In other Batling news…

Jak and I are planing the next MSFG. We’re also looking into a new podcast host. Since clickcaster seems to have gone down the tubes since switching hands. But, one more episode before we do. To introduce our girl Canary. Keep you posted on that!

Life on Mars, I was a Teenage Dominatrix is being re-edited for release. I’m looking into potential publishers. I found one I love it’s run by an author I really admire. That said, it’s my first choice. Wish me luck.

Even more to come…later.

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