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About Miss Lola

Lola Batling is a journalist and Dominant from NYC. She’s a hypnotist and nude model. A (former) Suicide Girl and half Japanese. She’s a thorn in many people’s side and the sparkle in many people’s eye.
Lola Batling is a armed with a seductive voice and hypnotic abilities beyond her years. Lola is a writer by day and Goddess by night. She’s funny and articulate. Lola is passionate and supernatural. Lola is a sexpert and DJ who will rock your world. In more ways than one. Lola Batling is writer and nakkid girl from Gotham City. She enjoys being a critic and novelist. Lola also dreams in red. Lola is a modern poetess, using primitive electronica sounds and beat slicers. She’s a real wild child. Part geisha mostly artist Lola is devoted to writing, ink, bonsai trees, and her lovers.. Her Revolution will be sexual full of art and skin..
A modern beat poet and geisha. Lola Batling has been dancing like no one’s watching since 1987. Lola works in radio and the sex industry and it’s her thrill. She’s a bad bad little thing, you’ll gladly love her.

Lola lives like a rockstar and loves it.

Call me?

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  1. November 6, 2007 5:00 am

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    -MasterABD- :: PR3

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