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Cabal of Gray Cat

Breathe Just Breathe
On this blessed morning I announce the Cabal of Gray Cat. This is of course primarily a Discordian thing. So all the same rules apply. Hail Eris!

The main thing here is Bast was Eris’™ secret lover and together they begat the lucky cat whom they sent to China. Of course that was many moons after the original snub.

In this cabal we hail Eris, Bast, and Lucky Cat.

We also believe you can believe what you read but only if you wrote it. One should always consult the Oracle pen before important choices are made.

The Gospel of Priestess Wicked Lovely
Believe in magic(k) and use it to get what will make you happiest. Never assume things you do not have will make you any happier. Speak your mind because well it hurts to bite your tongue.

Do consult this cabal’s book of shadows at least once, write notes to the goddess, for she does enjoy mail! For it is lonely, sometimes.

Never forget revenge is sweet. Send mail to a stranger, they’ll be pleased. They say the best revenge is living well…so live well and send press releases to all your enemies, don’t forget friends..they’ll tell your parents.

Hunter S. Thompson was a genius and smelled like cookies!
Hail Eris! Hail Bast! Hail Lucky! You may choose your playlist or consult Lester Bangs via Ouija Board.

Beware Alister Crowely however as he got all Hardy Boys after his death. If you miss Eris, listen to Courtney Love or Noise (Music) Zippers and violins, poorly played…

The Gospel of Lord Mc Teague
I tell you not of Bastet, but of Sekhmet.
Sekhmet to whom, when humanity had grown too numerous was given the task of lessening their numbers. So she took a sickle and, like fields of wheat began to chop the people down. But she was an overachiever and the God Horus had to get her drunk on beer before she would stop

Like in the Epic of Gilgamesh

The Gods bring a flood to punish mankind Not because people are wicked, as in the Hebrew flood myth, but because the people where noisy. They don’t make Gods like they used to.

“Let me tell you about your blood, bamboo kid,It ain’t coca cola it’s rice” so sayth The Clash.

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