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The Bat Net

Welcome to The Batling Net.
*WARNING* This is an adult blog/site. Topics not suitable for minors may be discussed please be over 18 or age appropriate in your area!!
This blog is not for everyone. This blog is part personal blog, sex blog, culture blog, and more! I do hope if you like it you’ll bookmark or RSS me. I’ve made sections in blog so you can skip the personal/sexual content and head straight to the Pagan or Parenting stuff.
I know I don’t fit into a niche, so you’re probably not coming from mommyblogs or whatever. But I hope you stay. View my niche of one.
Tell your friends too!

Home of the inki one, Lola Batling. An independent and renegade writer. I’m not like any other girl or writer on the web. Being indie suits me just fine. I can create and I really only have to answer to myself. I like that. I’m also a Dominatrix and nude model. I enjoy it. I’m a literary rock star and kinky girl. That’s me, and that will never change.

I’m also a witch. I’d be your town’s evil witch if I wasn’t so damn charming. The universe works that way. Ask me about topless tarot Tuesday.

Enjoy my world and all that it might contain.

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Bat Net: Batling BooksBatling BioZinesPopsrocks&Sake Magick

Batling After Dark: (18+ only) Pink Shoe DiariesLotus LoveGeisha’s Showing

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 15, 2009 3:35 pm

    Dirty Geisha,
    Read your stories on Literotica.
    Love your style!

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